Throw your mind back, far away, to August 2014. At the PlayStation Gamescom presser which occurred on the tenth of that month. DayZ maker Dean Hall made that big appearance to declare that the to a great degree well-known MMO sandbox title would be destined for Sony’s home console. Moreover, he likewise said that it would utilize another cross-platform renderer that would help the visuals of all adaptations of the game.

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DayZ PS4 discharge date has still not been reported

Somewhere in the range of over two years after the fact and we’ve yet to see anything on the game which makes one wonder. Exactly what in bursts is going on with DayZ on PS4? All things considered, the latest update came in September 2016. This is where Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive, Brian Hicks, disclosed to Eurogamer some fascinating stuff. He said that in spite of a working console model being molded three months before in June, the primary concentration remains the still unfinished PC rendition of the game. This is on the grounds that, basically, the engine which is expected to be utilized on all platforms simply isn’t done yet.

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Given how far away a last 1.00 discharge applicant the designers are, organizing the PC rendition of the game bodes well. As of composing this article, the most recent form for the PC variant of DayZ, which was released on February second stands at release 0.61. A number which ought to in itself make it clear how much work lay in front of the DayZ development group.

Source: Euro Gamer


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