Intruder Studios as of late began a Kickstarter campaign. That campaign soon achieved five hundred sponsors. Furthermore, this battle is for a game called Daymare: 1998. It will be a third-person survival horror game. It will play like the games of that classification from the late 1990s. Establishments, for example, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis and Resident Evil that utilized settled camera points are the impacts for Daymare: 1998. Intruder Studios has said that makers from that time, K. Aoyama (Director of Resident Evil 3) and S. Nakai (enemy architect of the Resident Evil adventure) are loaning their support for this title. They have additionally reported console variants to be discharged.

Daymare: 1998
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Daymare 1998 Will Bring Survival Horror Back To Its Roots

Taking after the splendid beginning of the Kickstarter battle of Daymare: 1998, Intruder Studios are to a great degree appreciative to every one of the general population that put their trust in them. They are supporting them in a fantastic way. The studio got unforeseen bolster that permits them to put the console form into the underlying objective.

This makes them glad to address the many fans who approached them for a PS4/Xbox One form in the underlying hours of the Kickstarter battle.

In a current official statement, the settled camera points were reported close by the console declaration. The link to the Kickstarter can be found at the bottom. On the site, you can watch a video from Invader Studios that will flaunt some gameplay. This is the group that was behind the fan remake of Resident Evil 2.

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