Bandai Namco UK’s twitter account has announced that there will be some “big” Dark Souls news tomorrow. Also, they’re asking fans to “stay tuned”, as if they’re musical instruments or something. But no, more importantly, the big news is coming tomorrow, and that it will be big. That’s really all we know, as the tweet in question was accompanied by an already-released screenshot for the game.

Dark Souls III

The most likely announcement here will be that the preload for Dark Souls III is going live tomorrow. The game is coming out on April 12th, and does not yet have its preload enabled. The game is expected to be about 17.3 GB in size, so having a preload earlier rather than later would be helpful for many folks with poor Internet connections.

Other than that, it could be anything. Perhaps Dark Souls (the first one) is coming to PlayStation 4? It was already announced for the Xbox One as part of the backward compatibility program from that console. It could also be some new promotional stunt for the game. One other likely possibility is that Bandai Namco might be ready to show off the game’s post-launch DLC content. Regardless, here’s the tweet in question. I’ll leave the rest of the speculation to you.


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