Dark Souls III is finally out at last, into the wild, and the PC version appears to have hit a stumbling block right out of the gate. Many players are reporting that the game is known to crash at the game’s first bonfire. Thankfully, there appears to be a fix for those affected. It may not help every case, but it’s there for you to try if you’re experiencing the bonfire crash yourself.

Dark Souls 3

The fix is quite simple, really: you have to drop your Lighting settings down to Low in order for the game to not crash. If they are set above Low, you have a chance to crash as you approach the bonfire. If you’re experiencing this glitch, then, make sure you set your Lighting option (located in Advanced Options) down to Low, at least until FromSoftware manages to come up with a patch to fix this issue.

Interestingly, an alternate solution to this problem is to wear a full-face helmet. However, finding one in the early game may not be so easy – unless you play as a Knight. The Knight class begins the game with a full-face helmet, and therefore, does not encounter the crash. According to reports, the game will not crash even at Lighting settings above Low if you are playing as a Knight.

Have you encountered the bonfire crash yourself? Let us know in the comments below.


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