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We’ll be talking about the new Dark Souls 3 Patch Notes. Recently, a new patch arrived and brings a host of new changes. Dark Souls 3 is also getting a new PvP arena. Furthermore, the Dark Souls 3 Patch Notes address several balancing issues. They also prepare the base game for the arrival of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Furthermore, here are the changes.

dark souls 3 patch notes
via gamecrate

Dark Souls 3 Patch Notes

There are system updates for DLC “ASHES OF ARIANDEL“. Poise values are adjusted across the board. Furthermore, it is now more effective for heavier weapons and armor. Improved regular attack animations of hammer category weapons. Regular attack animations of greatsword category weapons are improved. Improved regular attack animations of axe category weapons. Regular attack animations of fist category weapons are now improved. “Neck Swipe” weapon skill animation of scythe category weapons is changed a bit.

There are some bug fixes as well. Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using whips would not deal additional damage when fully charged. Another bug was fixed where strong attacks performed using the Pickaxe would consume stamina multiple times per attack. Fixed a bug where rolling attacks on Astora’s Greatsword could not be parried.

Adjusted the “Onislayer” weapon skill hitbox timings for Onikiri and Ubadachi. Hitbox timings of the claw category weapon skill “Leaping Slash“ is adjusted. Improved the “Wrath of the Gods” weapon skill animation for Wolnir’s Holy Sword. Improved the “Blind Spot” weapon skill animation for Corvian Greatknife and Handmaiden’s Dagger. “Shield Splitter” weapon skill animation for Mail Breaker and Irithyll Rapier is improved.

Improved the “Wolf Leap” weapon skill animation for Old Wolf Curved Sword. The weapon skill of Old King’s Great Hammer “Molten Perseverence” will now release lava on both hits.

You can read the rest of the notes on the official forums. Let us know your thoughts about the new Dark Souls 3 Patch Notes.


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