When you are creating your character in any game with RPG elements you are choosing more than how they look or fight. You are picking your strategy and you want to know if it is going to work. In the previous games of this franchise, you were brutally greeted with a monster which would teach you a hard lesson about the adventure.

In Dark Souls 3, the first boss is a little easier and you get to test your character, but it is still a Dark Souls Boss and it will not be a walk in the park. After all, his name is Iudex (latin for judge) Gundyr (gund meaning battle in old germanic). So here are the best approaches to deal with him depending on your build.

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1. Meeting him face to face

Although you can block him, you will probably run out of stamina way to quickly. Instead, you can try to parry him if you are good at it but it is a lot easier to simply dodge his attacks. The phase one of the battle will be easy enough and you can even land a couple of fully charged attacks on him once he starts moving but before he makes his first attack.

In the second phase things will get tougher. Something looking like a rat and a snake will grow from him. Don’t let him catch you off guard because he will not only get uglier but faster and his attacks will have a further reach. However, if you were comfortable with fighting him in the first phase, you can use the same tactics here as well. Roll past his sweeps or forward during his attacks and try to position yourself behind him and attack there. As long as you don’t let yourself be grabbed, you will be done with him in no time.

2. But I’m not good at dodging!!! (or you are depraved)

If you are having trouble dodging his attacks during the first half of the battle, then you can try something else. Keep away from him and you will force him to jump towards you. Here he has to options. Once he jumps he will either try to slice you or jab you. When he is going for the slice attack, there is little time to harm him. But when he is going for the jab his attack will be a lot slower and easier to read. Making it the perfect opportunity to dodge it and land a couple of quick hits. Then move away and repeat.

Once he transforms his size will make it easy to read his attacks and avoid them.

3. I will burn you down

If you are going to use magic or your firebombs make sure you remember that he is very weak against fire during his second form. Having a little trouble with the guy? Just step back and burn it with fire.

4. Let’s dance

Finally, there is one more way you can beat him with ease. During his second phase, you can get close to him and start moving in circles around him going left (from your view) while keeping him locked on. Once there he will only have two options of attack. He will either go for a leap or a swipe attack. You can easily dodge them both, but after you dodge there is time for two attacks. And repeat as instructed.

There you have it. The first boss is dead and the Coiled Sword is yours.


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