Abby Lee Millers is the most important part of the American reality TV series, Dance Moms. Fans absolutely love her work, and the show is just not the same without her. However, as the dance instructor is currently having some issues in her personal life, the show has to go on without her.

Dance Moms

For those who don’t know, the 50-year-old dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller is currently having some problems in her personal life. According to her, she is currently involved in some fraud issues which she can’t just escape. In 2016, her case was reopened, and the amount of money involved in it definitely left everyone speechless as it was bigger than they expected.

Abby Lee Miller Hearing Date Delayed 

Currently, her case is in the works and if the court’s decision is against her, then she could be serving 30 months in prison. However, surprisingly, her hearing date has been delayed by the Unite States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. However, this doesn’t mean that case has been dropped as the Attorney General has requested to move the hearing date to the earliest available date. Fans are currently wondering what will happen if she is sentenced to serve 30 months in prison. The question in everyone’s mind is, who will take over the show? There are a lot of people who would be fit for the job, but everyone can agree that the show won’t be the same without here. However, if she is sentenced, then the show will have to move on without her, and fans will have to accept it.

Chloe Lukasiak Returns In Dance Moms

On the other hand, the fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak made a dramatic return to the show. Earlier, along with her stage mom, Chloe left the show due to some unknown reasons. However, when the latter heard that her former team is going to be in town, she decided to meet them, and later returned to the show. During a recent interview, Chloe explains her current situation. She even claimed that she has her mom’s blessings. For those who don’t know, Chloe became really famous when she left the show. She recently finished her third film, and even has her own fashion line.

Dance Moms Season 7

Dance Moms started back in July 2011. The show is currently in its seventh season, which premiered in November 2016. The popular comedian and television host, Ellen Lee DeGeneres is currently working on a film based on Dance Moms.

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