The dance floor of Dance Moms is on fire, and not in a good way, a majority of the elite moms are not entirely convinced with the dancing style of Abby Lee Millers. The latest episode that was aired on November 1, the friction amongst moms and Abby Lee was quite visible. Fans were waiting for the reality show to turn up for its 32nd episode of its sixth franchise but it wasn’t telecasted considering it was an election night.


The result of the friction had an effect on ALDC as moms started to consider the different opportunities to learn dance, and they gradually circled on Erin Babbs who is an another competitor of ALDC. The synopsis of the second episode as per reports suggests: “The elites leave for rival Erin Babbs, blindsiding Abby and the mini team; Abby gives three mini dancers their first solos; Kendall and Nia get invited to perform live with a beloved recording artist.”

There is a division of teams now and this got confirmed by an Instagram post.

More about Abby Millers:

Millers does not have a decent past and there are a lot of cases of violation of currency and fraud registered her name. This can also be one of million reasons why her position at Dance moms is under thunder. But her past records and the ongoing ordeals against her haven’t interfered the shoot of Dance Moms. As per reports, around nine episodes have been already recorded.

Dance Moms have been an encouraging show and have motivated thousands of mothers all over the world to stand up to their dreams and it’s not late to get started be it any age. Stay tuned.


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