Neither Dance Moms or Abby Lee Miller refuse to come in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Abby Lee Miller who is being followed by a trail of bad luck lately owing to her court and jail drama has now being booked by the producers of the show for going against them. In her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Abby Miller threw a major shade at the producers of the show by mentioning words like “manipulated and disrespected”. She also went on adding that the producers of the show have given her a mental challenge every day, according to ABC news.  

This did not end here and the ‘Dance Moms’ coach alleged that the producers of the show used her dog who had died tragically and made fun of its body as if it was still alive. Since the producers of the show did not comment either made any official statement, Sari Lopez, in a recent interview with Radar online, declared that Abby Lee Miller is now being fined heavily by the producers for going against them. She also went on adding that the hit series is faking its reality series tag and is almost being staged by the producers. Well, this does not come as a shocker since nearly most of the reality shows are staged or modified.

She also went on adding that the show is just sticking to its reality series title due to its theme and is not scripted at any percentage. Well, that’s a lot of revelation since the time Abby Lee Miller made an exit from the show. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the story. Keep up!


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