Update: The History Channel has officially confirmed the 5th installment of the popular show “The Curse of Oak Island.” The show is returning on November 7th. We will update the more details soon, stay tuned.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 speculations and rumors continue to haunt even though there is no update from History Channel or Lagina brothers. Despite trying everything possible, the brother duo has not been able to get their hands on the treasure that is hidden deep below.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Will The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 release on the television or not is the question currently haunting the viewers. But the possibility of the series coming back for the fifth and final season is certainly there, because the last episode of the season 4 received the highest ratings.

Will Lagina Brothers Get The Treasure?

According to TVOM, each episode of the next season is going to be exciting as fans are now at their edge and just eager to know what exactly is the treasure. Certainly, everyone is anticipating that Lagina brothers will this time at least get over the setbacks and find something big.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Despite so many failures, fans have not lost their faith in the team of the show and want The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 to come on the air soon. However, there is no guarantee that there is a real treasure hidden beneath the hole. Apart from this, six people have already died in this treasure hunt till season 4. Some recent spoilers suggest that the viewers may get to see more deaths in the upcoming season.

What will happen if the Lagina Brothers fail to get the treasure in season 5? Is it a worth to watch one more empty season? Will they cease the production or continue digging with a ray of hope in mind? No one has the answer yet.

‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ – The Tales And The Truth                       

Various excavation teams and companies have carried out digging efforts at the mysterious hole. According to Mother Nature Network, a stone slab was found 90 feet below during digging with writing. The code deciphered in 1860 indicated that two million pounds are buried 40 feet below.

However, until now, different teams including Lagina brothers have drilled more than 190 feet and have not been able to find any treasure. Even there is no similarity in between the theories associated with the treasure.

One theory says that the treasure is pirate booty whereas, one other theory suggests that it contains lost jewels of Mario Antoinette. Will Lagina brothers find what exactly is the treasure in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 or is the story of treasure just a hoax?

On the other hand, there is a possibility that the History Channel will require a new sponsor to anchor The Curse of Oak Island season 5. However, nothing more is revealed about it.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Air Date

As we all know, History has not revealed any plans for the Season 5 yet, but more and more sources are now claiming that the The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 will start in November 2017.

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  • Lauren

    I remember reading the same Reader’s Digest article when I was young. Now 66 years old, I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for the mystery behind the dig. I don’t watch a lot of television as I prefer to read books and use a computer, but I have not missed a single episode of this series since it started — something I never do for any other show. I sure hope they bring this back in November. I keep checking every few weeks to see if an announcement has been made.

    • Al Baker

      Lol … I read the same readers digest … many many times ! I can remember the interview with nolans wife and how secluded it was .. only had radio stations tha faded in and out . Treasure maps at that time came in cerial boxes and i thrived on them ! I cant miss one show … I have to know .

  • Matthew47

    I feel the same about this show that it is a treasure in and of itself. I also felt the same way about Fred Noland. In my opinion, he died searching for the treasure and should be counted. When that happened I had a since that they were going to finde the treasure.

    • Matthew47

      I feel the same about this show that it is a treasure in and of itself. I also felt the same way about Fred Noland. In my opinion, he died searching for the treasure and should be counted. When that happened I had a sense that they were going to find the treasure.

  • Meme1951

    I love this show and the wait between episodes keeps me wanting the week to pass quickly. I am so sad when the last episode airs for the season. Looking forward to a new season. Treasure or no treasure the intrigue of the search is what keeps me watching, I love the history and the side journeys they take hunting down clues, so interesting. All that said, I’m hoping they find lots of gold!!!!

  • Pam

    I want to thank the Lagina brothers and all who have worked on bringing this show to us. I know it has been costly and they were always considerate of the laws governing the preservation of the island. I have high hopes that they do indeed find a great treasure besides the ones they have already found. They have showed us how to work together even when they had disagreements. They have brought people together that had long term disagreements and others that have had long relationships with the island. I have truly enjoyed each episode and am anxious to see what has occurred over this past year. The time delay just tells me that this may be the end of a truly great secret. One I am not sure that could be revealed without these powerful men. May God bless your lives.

  • wade

    There is no treasure on Oak island and if anything was buried there it was found years ago. Amazing how dumb and gullible people are in believing this crap.

    • Mike

      It’s amazing how dumb you are. I would bet thousands you have college education possibly not even high school diploma.

    • Shane

      Simple! Don’t watch

  • Patti

    I do hope Rick and Marty find something for all the work they and the rest of the group have worked hard for!! I personally Love the searching and the History of the area they bring to each episode!! I am 63, Loved reading the Readers Digest, and truly remember the article they read!! I have always been interested in that!! Funny to find some others reading the same and going for it!!!! Great Job Guys!! thank you!

  • Rick Beal

    Been hooked on this show for a long time, can’t wait for it to start again.

  • carole

    I love the show and glad to hear it may return,I hope with all my heart that the Brothers and those involved will find the treasure. Becareful and be safe, and good luck….

  • Len Shier

    Great show … we love watching it and never miss an episode! We are vacationing in Atlantic Canada right now and visiting the island was a “must” on our list, so we went today and had the great pleasure of meeting Dave Blankenship!! Made my day!! And what a friendly, down-to-earth guy he is … as are the rest I suspect.
    We wish them all the best, and truly hope they strike it rich!
    God Bless!!

    • Patti

      That is so cool to hear!!! Great vacation for you!

  • Shannon Vincent

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out. My husband and grandson enjoy watching it.

  • Zach

    If this show doesn’t come back, my life is over. My wife and I love his show and we WILL burn our house to the ground if Rick and Marty don’t return. Can’t do us like that RICK. You’ve come too far. TOO FAR. And Marty I sent you a LinkedIn invite and I get nothing? I’m a yuge fan. Not good enough fellas. I’m gonna need some guaranteees on seasons 5, 6 AND 7. And 6 and 7 better be about how you tell the story of how you spend the treasure you find in season 5.

    • Hilarity

      Rick & Morty needs ten more seasons.

    • Ed Little Sr.

      Well said , we might not burn the home place down , yet we are surly on the same page in Mississippi y’all.

  • Barry n gilliland

    Love the show! Hope they find the treasure and make history! !

  • Deedee Duncan

    We absolutely love this show!!! My husband, son and myself make sure there is nothing planned on Tuesday nights just so we can watch this show! It’s doesn’t matter if they find anything or not but wishing them all the luck that they do!!!… Cant wait to tune in!!!!…

  • Vero

    I love the show. But they should maybe tryto hire a clairvoyant or some good person who might be able to see in the past. Why not try it? We don t know what is under Oak Island but I know that where is a tresor there arealso some ghosts around

  • NoBS4me

    I’ve followed the show from day one. I agree with the posts here about the lack of new content from week to week. IMHO, I think the production crew needs a new writer at least. SOS for all but the last five minutes each week…really? What about further exploration of some of the other curious features like the hatch? And why so little effort to find and seal off the flood tunnels? Seems like a real coffer dam (not inflatable) would have avoided many of the problems.

    Still hoping for a fifth season though!

  • Sasha

    This was very simple to figure out. I just called the Nova Scotia Film Commission and asked them if they had issued any permits to film on Oak Island beginning in the Spring of 2017. The answer was yes!

    • Terrie

      Yay!!!!!! I love this show and thanks for the info.

    • Zach

      Genius. Pure genius. I love you, friend.

  • John Byram

    They may not find what all the theories suggest but they do keep uncovering history. I hope they continue.

  • Geri Hartsfield

    This is truly the most exciting and anticipated show I have ever followed. I’ve never missed a show and can’t imagine having it end with out a resolution. I chose to believe they will not leave the fans hanging without even a good-by and “We’ve given it all we had”.

  • Tony

    They will not find anything. It is a constant trap. They will probably lose it all before they stop.

    • Ant

      To evaluate the site as treasure-hiding worthy hundreds of years ago, there must have been, at one time, access from the surface to all the lower level natural tunnels; these would have had to been viewed in person to realize the potential hiding place before the massive effort to engineer the flooding; that surface access must still exist in some form. Whoever, whenever, hid whatever there because they personally went underground and witnessed the potential. They need to look for that access.

    • Zach

      Take that back, Tony. Even IF they find nothing, which…they already have, Hello? IF they find nothing of significance, you can’t say that Rick Lagina isn’t the greatest man alive. The man could care less about money and does everything for the pure enjoyment of the chase. And he enjoys being with his brother and friends. He makes this show. Without him, personally, I don’t see this show going forward.

  • David Newman

    I LOVE this show, from the first time I saw it. Please be a Season 5. This is very interesting and entertaining. It is different from all the “junk” shows on tv today. This is real stuff and love all the history that goes along with this show. Very exciting and keeps you wanting more. Finding treasure is not easy and not inexpensive. If it was every one would do it. Would be nice after all they have done to have a great find. If they don’t find anything I will still be glad I watched the show. Good Luck Guys!

  • Gary

    I do not care if they find anything, Just a great hunt for the why who and what?

  • Markus

    There will be a season 5. I was up on the oak Island last month and Season 5 was being filmed.

  • Craig Trychel

    Saw Craig Tester on Mackinaw Island last weekend shopping with his wife I believe. They were very nice and I wished them well. Good people and nice to see that the way things are today. I very much enjoy the show and it’s nice that the people on the show are good people. Hope they find great treasure soon.

  • Sheila clarke

    Even if they never find anything,the hunt is what keeps me watching,love this show.


    And one of the men’s son died in March and he (the one who runs the show) may not want anything else to do with it. His son had been on the show a couple of times. So sorry for his loss.

  • Kc

    There is a technique with the word magneto that can pierce the ground and see what’s below. What about that space scan shoeing gold etc diff spots on island?

    • Denver

      Yeah, i remember that episode with the scan of the island showing multiple areas with different metals including gold and ruby . I wonder if the brothers would try to find one of those whilst still digging in the pit, i mean with the scan its showing actual locations of precious metals, with the pit nobody knows for sure if there is anything there, maybe they need to try and dig for one of those guaranteed locations shown on the scan.

      • Ant

        There must have been a natural-occurring surface access point to the maze of natural/ancient tunnels at some time in the history of the island–the booby-traps and flooding would not have been engineered unless the folks of old knew the potential underground; I would consider an aerial geo scan to pinpoint that access–they have used it many times to successfully find ancient settlements in the Egyptian deserts that show no indication from the surface.

  • Joe

    It’s a great show! No “Ripped from the headlines” drama! We learn some history that has almost been forgotten because it’s no longer taught in the public school system. There is no politically correct agenda! It’s a good story, no one has the answers! That’s the point, figuring out the allure. What is there to hate?

  • Trudy Golightly

    My husband and I record the show so we want miss anything. For myself I think the guys are closer than they think, too a big pay off. I don’t want go miss a episode. Keeps me wanting more. Good luck guys. May God bless you and your family.

  • john reilly

    I’ll miss my drinking game if it doesn’t come back. DVR the show and do a shot every time there’s a recap. Then when you sober up just watch the last 5 minutes.

    • Zach

      ? such a good idea.

    • Christian C

      I do something similar every time the narrator says “Could it be…?”. Great idea!

  • Anita McKarney

    I have a cousin who found a big rock with an inscription carved on it along the shore of eastern Nova Scotia. He dug it up and gave it to the “Northumberland Regional High School” in Alma Nova Scotia. He says he checked it out and says it is hundreds of years old.

    • Gina Marie

      What did the inscription say?

  • Darth

    There is an island…..and one more must die before the curse is broken.

    • SANDY

      And one of the men’s son died in March and he (the one who runs the show) may not want anything else to do with it. His son had been on the show a couple of times. So sorry for his loss.

      • JK

        Craig’s son, Drake Tester died in Michigan, so it’s unrelated to the story:

        Drake was someone who saw the best in all of us despite our flaws; the only flaw that we ever saw in him as he grew into a young man with the strength of Achilles was that he was born with a seizure disorder that – even though it only appeared once every few years for a few minutes – was the ultimate cause of his death.

        • Gina Marie

          Sounds like you knew him. Condolences.

    • Sheree

      Fred Nolan searched for years for that treasure…..and he has passed. Why isn`t that counting as #6?

  • Deb Sterling

    I wanna know when it’s coming back on so I can make plans in advance. Our entire family gathers to watch and it’s become a tradition. We love the Lagina brothers and want them to find a fabulous treasure. SOMETHING HAS TO BE THERE !!!!!

  • Mike Dean Magnant

    Much ado about nothing. If there was anything substantial down there I doubt they would be able to keep a lid on it for this long. I hope they find billions but face facts folks…If there was real treasure down there one of the Govt’s secret programs would have already drilled into it from underneath already and stripped out the good stuff. :/

  • JohnBPrice

    Utterly patronising show, treats viewers as if they are all simpletons.

    For example “Could it be that…” always precedes a blatantly absurd proposition. The answer is always no.

    • MichaelScheck

      Have to agree with the way they treat the viewers but that’s The History Channel and not the team of of people on the show.. I’m sure they (the team) have to deal with all kinds of issues with THC cause I bet they are getting help with the funding for this operation..

    • Ant

      “Ancient alien theorists say, YES !” (Do they ever say no ?”

      • Doug

        Hah we play a drinking game with that…

        Ancient alien theorists , say yes
        Ancient alien theorists , believe
        Ancient alien theorists , contend
        Ancient alien theorists , agree


      • TP


  • Brent Schmidt

    Come on, Martry and Rick, get some good luck, and find some buried treasures!!

  • Sheila Kompass-Klandrud

    I LOVE this show, it will be pretty devastating if we don’t get season 5.

  • rudy88

    Doesn’t really matter any more, whether they find the treasure or not. The program itself is a treasure and I have enjoyed every second of the intrigue that it has brought to me!