The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 fate has been hanging in the balance ever since the fourth season ended. Although the final episode of the last season received the highest rating, History and even Lagina Brothers are yet to confirm the possibility of a new season. Check out some of the speculations, connection of the island with Shakespeare and some other theories.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the channel or Rick and Marty Lagina to come out with some announcement regarding “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5. Although until now the brothers have not been able to make a smashing discovery, the legend that surrounds this island has made everyone curious. Fans want the duo to continue the show with the hope that they will succeed in the end.

Is Oak Island Hiding Unproduced Plays Of Shakespeare?

The story about Oak Island Money Pit started off way back in the summer of 1795 when a strange lights flickering was sighted by a teenager, Daniel McGinnis, on the island. Ever since then the thought that a legendary treasure is possibly buried on the Oak Island off the Nova Scotia Coast in Canada has been making rounds.

This History Channel’s series treasure hunting reality television series is considered a home of the Money Pit legend. The period of this legend goes back to centuries when a boy reached the venue and found out an invisible X mark on a spot. After this discovery, innumerable people had got involved in digging to find some treasure on this island which is a part of the Lunenburg County. And it is still going on, but no one has got the treasure. What could be the secret behind it?

According to Intelligencer, since last 400 years, several stories about the possible type of treasure hidden in the Oak Island have also circulated. One story which has recently been discussed more is regarding the unproduced plays of none other than the great William Shakespeare or Francis Bacon.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Lagina Brothers

According to the speculations, Bacon hid those plays inside the intricate tunnels and pits he had created on the Oak Island for the very same purpose. But there are no proofs that can support such speculations. Mostly, the rumors are regarding fabulous wealth that is buried deep inside the island and fans want Lagina brothers to reach that treasure in “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5.

Is The Treasure Truly Linked With A Scottish Pirate?

A popular tale goes on that claims that a Scottish pirate named Captain William Kidd is linked to this mysterious location. It is popularly said that Captain Kidd had buried his treasure more than 400 years back. However, some other experts have refuted such claim saying that he actually did not spend adequate time there to bury such treasure. He was a young boy when he lived here. However, this is true that one of Kidd’s sailor once admitted that this mysterious location was truly mystifying and that was due to a treasure. But no one knows the exact location of the centuries old hidden treasure.

The Curse Attached With Oak Island Treasure

Just as it is in every fable of treasure, Oak Island treasure also has a curse attached to it unexceptionally. According to the curse, seven people will have to die first and only then the treasure will unveil itself. Until now since past five years, six people have already died. Will there be another death before Lagina brothers finally reach to the depth of the mystery in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5?

It is recently said that a geometric pattern is being discovered by John Coleman that gives suspicious locations all over Nova Scotia. There is a big possibility that all the major points and locations within the discovered geometric pattern have a certain link to establish the fact that Oak Island is itself a land of huge mystery. Now the question is, if the Lagina brothers and History channel fail to do anyone or if the treasure doesn’t exist, what will happen? Will all attempt go in vain? But the belief of a treasure is based on the popular adage “without smoke there is no fire.” Hence, the searching operation will continue and Lagina Brothers will not give up putting all their endeavors to reach the last point.

Let us know what do you expect from the Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island.


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