“The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5 premiere announcement has not been made yet by History Channel. Neither has the Lagina brothers confirmed that they will be back for the show. And the main reason can be the losing interest of everyone including the network and fans. Also, check out the connection of Marie Antoinette’s jewels with the hidden treasure (if there is any)!

The possibilities of “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5 happening seems to be dim as now many believe that the claims about the treasure buried in the location called money pit are fake. The whole mystery revolves around the Oak Island that is located in Nova Scotia, Canada off of Mahone Bay, reports TVOM.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 5 May Not Happen

The show has covered 40 episodes in the span of four seasons and each season has cost millions of dollars. However, money is never a consideration when the ratings for a show are high and the series is delivering the results. Lagina brothers until yet have failed to make a major breakthrough that can confirm that the treasure is indeed hidden below the money pit.

Except for some coins, military paraphernalia from the 17th century or a gold-plated button nothing important has been found despite excavating deeply and spending enormous time, effort and money. Importantly, no plausible theories that can connect the island to a treasure are available. Also, the stories about the treasure and its period do not connect.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Overall, it is impossible to stretch a show purely on sensationalizing a rumor which does not have any base. That is why “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5 has lost its appeal and maybe both Lagina brothers and History are aware of it.

Marie Antoinette And Oak Island Connection

Marie Antoinette was an Austrian princess married to a French prince in 1770. Later on, she became the queen and was known for her expensive habits say, MyNorth. During the French revolution, both the king and the queen were under house arrest and were later on beheaded.

According to the legend, Marie Antoinette handed over her jewels to her maid who managed to escape France via ship to North America. Incidentally, the jewels were never found and are rumored to be under the money pit.  Maybe Lagina brothers would find it if they return for “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5.


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