If you remember old school Counter Strike, there used to be sprays that could be tagged onto walls in the map. Most of the time, from our fond memories, we remember the entire dust2 map to be filled with sprays of lewd and funny stuff as well. However, the point was that they were free and customizable. But that’s not the case anymore in CS:GO.

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CS:GO graffiti has to be bought to be used and it has the community in outrage

It turns out the newly introduced CS:GO sprays can be used only 50 times after which you will either have to buy new ones or just wait for when you level up. Either way it’s unfair. To add insult to injury, you can use sprays only once per round or every 45 seconds. Here’s how Valve explains it in their FAQ.

How many times can I use a graffiti pattern?
When a player unseals graffiti they can apply that pattern 50 times. Players who unseal a graffiti pattern they already have in their Inventory will receive 50 additional charges to their existing supply.

How often can I apply graffiti?
Players can apply graffiti once per round, or every 45 seconds, whichever is shorter. Getting a kill in a round-based game mode will allow the player to apply more graffiti.

How long does my graffiti last?
One application of graffiti lasts 7 minutes and degrades over time until it is no longer visible.

Can I sell and trade my graffiti?
Graffiti can be sold on the Steam Market and traded as long as it is sealed. Once a player has unsealed their graffiti it can not be traded or sold on the Steam Market.”

Let us know your thoughts about the addition of these new microtransactions to CS:GO. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more Valve news and updates.


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