It’s time for gamers to come together support employees in the video game industry who are being blatantly mistreated by big developers and publishing houses. This is happening with Crytek employees and many of them are stuck there because they have nowhere else to go.

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Crytek is a sinking ship and many still haven’t jumped off board

The complaints have appeared on social media and have spread through Reddit, all alleging delays and irregularities in meeting payroll over the past six months. In some cases, workers say they currently have not been paid in more than a month.

One of the saddest things about this is that Crytek UK are the former Free Radical Design team. That’s the people who made the TimeSplitters series, one of the most beloved FPS trilogies of the PS2/GC/XB generation. And as far as we know they still own the rights to that series. TimeSplitters was never about super advanced graphics or gigantic set pieces. So they could make a new TimeSplitters or even just an HD remake of the original trilogy for a relatively low cost. And we can almost guarantee that it would sell well.

But no, more brown military shooters is what will really bring in the big bucks, according to Crytek. Besides the fact that the original Homefront sold below the (admittedly way too high) sales expectations. And the developers were closed down right after the release of the game. The thing is the Timesplitters HD Petition has over 81,500 supporters and they didn’t even consider making an HD collection. Despite of how many of the supporters that would actually see this to come.


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