“Criminal Minds” Season 13 star cast have started filming for the next episode. The BAU agents are surely back on the sets but there is as of now no sign of Thomas Gibson joining them. But AJ Cook and Vangsness who had a tryst with the showrunner for increasing wages have certainly got the deal they wanted and are on the board. Check out rest right here!

Damon Gupton Out & Daniel Henney Back in Season 13

According to Cartermatt, Damon Gupton will not be a part of the “Criminal Minds” Season 13, however, Daniel Henney will be joining the BAU agents once again after being a part of the spin-off show “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” for last two years.  The spoilers suggest that Gupton’s Walker will be either declared dead or may be his characters is assigned a task somewhere else.

No update is available as of yet how Henney will be back in the upcoming season but it certainly will be explained in the “Criminal Minds” Season 13.  Now that Spencer Reid is out of the prison he will start afresh on his new path.

Criminal Minds Season 13
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The source says that there is a strong possibility that the series may follow the serialized format again or even go back to its regular traditional type of solving one dangerous mystery each time.

There is also a possibility that “Criminal Minds” Season 13 may follow “Hawaii Five-0” last season format in which the personal stories of the characters were explored. It will certainly make an interesting revelation.

Thomas Gibson’s Return In ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13

Although the return of Gibson for the upcoming season is being speculated, neither the network nor Gibson has confirmed it. Last year when the actor departed the series, many fans decided to stop watching it and said that they will only watch it if Gibson is back in the team, says Blasting News.

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Eventually, the ratings for the police drama dropped as both, Gibson and Shemar Moore, two of the lead characters of the show left the show. It would be interesting to see how fans respond as “Criminal Minds” Season 13 returns this fall in a new timeslot on Wednesday nights at 10.00 pm Eastern.