“Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21 spoilers focus on Diana and Reid. Titled “ Green Light,” Reid believes that his mother has been abducted and it may force him to escape from jail in search of her. Check out more in detail!

According to The Christian Post, in the “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21, Reid thinks that his mother Diana (Jane Lynch) has been kidnapped by her caretaker Lindsey (Gia Mantegna). The previous episode showed Diana visiting Reid in the prison. Since Lindsey is her caretaker, she accompanies Diana during the visit.

Reid Suspects Lindsey As Abductor

When the first time Reid sees his mother with Lindsey, he has a feeling of having met her before. But the BAU Agent cannot remember when and where he met her. Moreover, Lindsey hides her true identity and introduces herself by a different name, Carol.

Criminal Minds Season 12

But Reid remembers her voice as the one he heard that particular night he allegedly murdered Nadie Ramos (Ani Sava).  Suddenly Reid is convinced that Lindsey is the person who has framed him for the murder. However, it is too late now as she is already leaving with Diana.

In “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21 Reid will talk with his friends at the Behavioral Analysis Unit about his suspicion related to the abduction of Diana, report International Business Times. He requests them to keep her safe. The promo for the upcoming episode also shows that his suspicions are real.

Criminal Minds Season 12

BAU To Help Reid Find Diana In ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Episode 21

The promo of the upcoming episode shows that Diana is locked inside a room indicating that indeed she has been kidnapped. It is quite possible that Lindsey aka Carol might have messed up with the mind of Diana since she is an Alzheimer’s patient.

In her tampered state of mind, Diana feels that she is guilty of what happened with her son. The “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21 will show Diana feeling guilty and desperate as she cannot bear the thought that her son is in jail because of her.

Speculations indicate that Reid may become desperate when he does not get any news about Diana and break-out from the prison. Will Reid reach Diana in time and free her in “Criminal Minds” Season 12 Episode 21?

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