Intelligent Systems was developing a Crashmo sequel for Nintendo Wii U eShop. But it was canceled. However, could this mean we might see a Crashmo/FallBlox sequel on the Nintendo Switch?

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Crashmo/FallBlox Wii U Sequel was canceled but it might happen on the Nintendo Switch

This is a little upsetting. We understand that Nintendo wants to push (move) forward with the Nintendo Switch over the Wii U. Just knowing that even an adorable little passion project eShop game can fizzle out like this, the Wii U may just have the most depressing end we’ve seen for a console in a long time.

Intelligent Systems is a pretty big studio, though. They will probably pick Crashmo/FallBlox back up for the switch after they get done with some of the bigger projects they are working on now. We wonder what they are working on for the Switch currently, though. Code Name STEAM probably didn’t sell enough for them to consider making another new IP. So we think it will be something we have seen before. We hope that they are considering making a new FE and Pokemon crossover since the other one eventually turned into Conquest.

It’s weird they did not ask Nintendo for some extra money for the idea to port into Nintendo Switch. Well, we guess there is little chance of that now. Our guess is they’re working on ports of Fire Emblem Fates and Paper Mario Color Splash to Switch and a new Fire Emblem.

Source: Nintendo Life


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