This week points the 10-year commemoration of Crackdown. It is a genuinely early Xbox 360 title. Obviously, you wouldn’t realize that given that, for reasons unknown, Microsoft has been totally mum on the game’s commemoration. Or its up and coming continuation. It’s all around alarming, considering the way that the organization is as yet encouraging that third game is being developed and on track during the current year. So one would sensibly imagine that something identified with it would’ve turned out on the arrangement’s tenth commemoration. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, Microsoft has done nothing to recognize the point of reference that the arrangement has made. Not even a tweet (hell, even the game’s real Twitter didn’t state anything about Crackdown 3).

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Crackdown 3 Is Nowhere To Be Seen

This is particularly odd when you consider that Phil Spencer has additionally talked the game up reasonably as of late. January wasn’t their greatest month, given the news of Scalebound’s destruction. And it doesn’t precisely shout of the Xbox One having its “best console era”. Crackdown 3 is one of their most critical exclusives of the year. And now, they have to take any risk conceivable at reminding individuals it exists. And this arrangement ought to be at the forefront of their PR campaign.

The last time we saw a Crackdown game was the second time in 2010. It was a significant crevice contrasted with the three years between the principal series of games. Some portion of what made the first important at the time was that it had the advantage of picking up a solid footing on the then cutting edge consoles. Alongside Saints Row in light of the fact that Rockstar still couldn’t seem to make the jump to the 360 and PS3. There was a void that should have been filled. And this game did that by basically being fun as hellfire. Both with the base game, and later with its DLC.

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