No news is usually bad news, and multiple studio people that WERE working on the game are rumored to have left, including one of the studio heads. No Beta, no talk, no nothing. Could this mean trouble? This was one of the most anticipated game of 2017. So, hopefully these rumors aren’t substantiated.

crackdown 3
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Is Crackdown 3 still in development?

Until they say it’s canceled it’s not canceled. Phil Spencer did an interview at Gamescom and he confirmed it’s still in development. They pushed it back because they wanted a good single player to go along with the game. The first thing they did for the game is develop the tech for the multiplayer before even having a game. Now that they have that handled, they’re developing single player and fleshing out multiplayer. Once it’s a few months out, they’ll do a beta to make sure they’re tech is as set as they think.

However, if Fable got canceled due to long development with no results then this wouldn’t be a shocker. Perhaps the use of the cloud hasn’t been fully mastered yet. The game is going to get delayed and that is all. The game has been in development for vanilla Xbox One and Xbox One S. MS announced the Scorpio. So, of course the game will get delayed to allow the devs to make a patch to make it Scorpio ready. Look at Final Fantasy 15. That game was supposes to come out months ago. But when the PS4 Pro was announced and coming out soon, the game was delayed for the developers to have some more time to code up a patch to make it PS4 Pro ready.


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