Comcast Corporation is a multinational mass media company situated in U.S.A, and by revenue, it is the largest broadcasting and cable TV company.  Comcast services U.S. residential and commercial customers in 40 states, and its headquarters are located in Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast is planning to sell internet service with the speed of 1GB per second, and they’re calling it the ‘Gigabit service’. It will initially be offered in 5 cities, and the speed will be 50-100 times faster than the normal internet connection, which means that you’ll be able to download huge files within seconds. How cool is that!

The company is hoping to launch this blazing fast internet facility in America within the next 2 years and claims to reach 55 million customers.


Will it be affordable?

Comcast is already charging $80/month for a 75 Mb/sec connection which is still more than the gigabit service AT&T and Google are offering (70$ per month). According to Comcast, this service will cost less than the Gigabit Pro service which offers 2Gb/sec download and costs 300$ per month.

So what about the upload speed?

Upload speed is different from the download speed on a cable network while it’s pretty much the same on fiber like Google and AT&T. Comcast’s 75Mb/sec service has the upload speed of 5-10Mb/sec. Upload speed matters a lot when it comes to storing your files on a cloud, so that’s one thing we have to wait to see.

Experts are happy about this step taken by Comcast to provide faster internet to more people. So lets just wait and see what they’re planning to sell and when.


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