Patrick Walker of EEDAR, a market research firm, has penned an article in which he points out that gamers playing both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are actually playing more Clash Royale… even though they claim to prefer Clash of Clans. He also puts forward the possibility that gamers who prefer Clash of Clans may end up exiting the Supercell ecosystem, an event that has a precedent in Everquest fans migrating to World of WarCraft after being dissatisfied with Evequest 2.

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In the article posted on, Walker points out that the success of Clash Royale might cannibalise Clash of Clans and could even spell doom for Supercell’s dominance of the free-to-play mobile games market. As he uses a graph to show, Clash of Clans’ revenue rank dropped significantly after Clash Royale released. On the other hand, Game of War: Fire Age’s revenues actually rose during this time.

An outlook of doom and gloom for Supercell seems to be a running theme lately, with News Everyday running a post on whether Clash of Clans’ upcoming update will end up buggy like a couple of previous updates in December and March, and whether it will face a negative reaction from players.

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  • Zach Portelli

    Clash of Clans will always reign supreme. Reason being, Clash Royale is fun for a while but ultimately it requires no skill or planning. It comes down to luck of the draw. Plus, with all the YouTube gemmers it becomes even less fair.

  • Gcentral

    Supercell did not need Clash Royale. Instead, they should have focused on improving gaming experience with Clash of Clans. Now those gamers who were frustrated with the long in-game update processes are switching over to Clash Royale in the hope of a better playing experience. Supercell needs to withdraw Clash Royale or they will lose on both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

  • Bipin Nag

    Killing off maybe not. Supercell has ignored Clash Of Clans for a long time. Updates are too few and far. Not much content is added per update. In game upgrades take forever (You need thousands of $ to reach max which is insane). Clan wars matching just blows even after fixing. No clan war tournaments. It is a shame it generates so much revenue yet players dont get its worth.