One of the most requested features in Clash Royale is an option to mute emotes in the game, but Supercell has made it clear that they have no intentions of adding such an option to the game. Their reasoning behind this is… interesting. If you don’t mind emotes, this is probably going to seem like a non-issue to you. If you do get annoyed by emotes, however, you’re probably not going to like it.

Clash Royale Emotes

According to Supercell, there will be no mute-emote option in the game because Supercell likes to evoke “strong emotions” through their game. In their explanatory post, they state that strong emotions are what drive the design of the cards in the game, and that loving or hating certain parts of the game – be it cards or emotes – is fully intended by the developer. That same principle of making elements that are loved or hated by fans is what’s making Supercell force emotes on you even if you’d rather have them disabled or turned off.

The developer further states that Clash Royale should not feel like a single player game, and that emotes are a reminder that you’re facing a real, live human and not a robot. Emotes, therefore, offer a means of communication that surpasses language and culture. Which is all well and good, but it really makes me wonder why Supercell is allergic to the idea of providing an option to disable it. Are strongly negative reactions worth it?

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