Clash Royale update sneak peek 3 adds a new tournament mode. The new update comes a few hours after the second sneak peek and almost a day after the first one. In the previous sneak peeks, Supercell added two new chests and a new unit called Mega Minion. The studio has also said they will reveal the rest of the four new units after each two weeks. So, players will have to wait for six weeks to know the names of all new units.

clash royale update sneak peek 3
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Clash Royale Update Sneak Peek 3 Adds New Tournament Mode

There will be challenges. 12 win rewards you the top prize. However, get 3 losses and you’re out of the challenge. Classic Challenge will require 10 gems to enter. The winning prize is 2000 gold and 100 cards.

Grand Challenge requires 100 gems to enter. The winning prize is 22,000 gold and 1100 cards. It’s obvious this one will be a really hard challenge.

There is some forum exclusive information we were able to get our hands on. Excess Crowns will overflow from one Crown Chest to the next, if you have one waiting. Also, tournament creation has been simplified to reduce both gem prices and prizes. There’s no update from Supercell on whether the achievements for tournament mode will be the same or not.

A lot of players took to Reddit to give a positive response. Most were happy that the game now requires much lesser gems to enter. The decrease in tournament prizes is a well-meaning compromise for the reduced gem prize. However, this doesn’t sit well with some Clash Royale players who don’t want the prize to decrease.

We’ll keep you updated with more Clash Royale Update Sneak Peek news and more. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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