The maker of Clash Royale, Supercell has just Updated the game to a major upgrade. This recent Clash Royale Update which was announced on November 28th is now live as per the schedule. The new update offers New Balance Changes such as nerf on Mega Minion, Tombstone, and Lava Pup, etc. Let’s have a look at what major changes are brought to the content.

clash royale november 2016 update 1.6.0
via supercell

Mega Minion

The Hit Speed is now reduced to 1.4 from 1.3 seconds and the Damage is decreased by a total of 6 percent. The overall damage decrease of Mega Minion now affects Troop’s overall DPS more. Mega Minion is the most important and overused Elixir Card in the game, so after this update, you’ll see more diverse decks of cards. It’ll revolutionalize the cooperative play a bit as well.

Elixir Collection and Production

Elixir Collection and Production Speed is increased to 8.5 Seconds, and the Lifetime decreases to 70 Seconds. Elixir Collector was heavily updated in last October upgrade, it’s now imminent that it would appear in the Meta.

Poison Damage

With the new updated Balance changes, Poison Damage is now increased by 10 percent.
The Slow effect is totally removed from Poison Damage, but it needs a bit more increase to the Damage to compete with other effective and more damaging Spells.


Tombstone Spawn and re-spawn speeds are increased to 2.5 seconds from 2.9. As Tombstone and Inferno are the most valuable defensive towers, this spawn increase will definitely make a visible difference. This major nerf to the Balance changes will help reduce the number of skeletons that the tombstone produces.

Lava Pup

With the new balance changes, in Lava Pup, the HP (HitPoints) are now decreased by 1 Percent. This change in balance helps prevent the collision of Crown and Lava Pup towers at some particular levels of the game.

If you have already started enjoying the new changes, let’s know your experience in the comments section below.