Clash Royale may not have had its international release just yet, but it certainly appears to be making waves already. The game is available now on the Canada and has already undergone a range of updates and balance changes. It follows, then, that a new update is on the way, and it’s going to bring in some interesting changes.


The Builder’s Workshop, a new arena, will be available for unlock at 1,700 trophies. Royale Arena will be pushed back, and will now be available for unlock at 2,000 trophies.


A highly-requested feature, Multiple Battle Decks, will be made available in the next update. The image above suggests that there will be three decks you can make to do battle with.


And there will be New Cards, featuring one common card, Royale Giant, one rare card, Three Musketeers and two epic cards, Dark Prince and Poison Spell. The other two cards, seen above with a mysterious purple mist, are mysteries and will probably be revealed soon. There will also be a new card rarity: Legendary.

And finally, two new chests are on their way: the Super Magical Chest, and the Giant Chest. Legendary Cards can be found in any chest, but Super Magical Chests will have the highest chance of containing a Legendary card.

We’ll keep you updated on more details about the upgrade as it comes.

Clash Royale is already out in Canada, and is expected to release globally later this month. It will be available on iOS and Android.


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