We have the biggest ever Clash Royale Update leaked ahead of its actual reveal. 4 NEW Potential cards will be coming out for this NEW Clash Royale update. The leaked cards are rumored to be Tornado, Clone Spell, Electro Wizard, and Elite Barbarians. And here we will explain how the new cards will work in the Clash Royale Update.

clash royale update
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Clash Royale Update leak shows 4 new cards coming to the game

The Tornado will pull troops to itself if they come close and will deal huge damage simultaneously. While trapped in the Tornado, the affected troops can’t attack. So, its sort of like a poison freeze but 3 elixir and 3 sec duration. Clone Spell will duplicate two Baby Dragons. It always costs 3 elixir and clones multiple troops in the radius of 3 tiles, unlike mirror which only duplicates one card for +1 elixir. We can already think of the best combo for the duplicate spell: three musketeers, mirror that, then duplicate those and you will get 12 musketeers. Prepare to steam roll your enemies after that.

Electro-Wizard is a high-speed card but has really low HP. It has 138 damage per second and can attack a maximum of two troops at once. Might as well remove sparky from the game for how unusable she is in the current meta if the leak is real.

Finally, the Elite Barbarians card spawns two really fast but low HP Barbarians. The “mega barbarians” leak is a bit questionable. Why would they make an “upgraded” barbarian that’s already common when we already have normal barbs that are a common card? We’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from Supercell.

Anyways let us know your thoughts regarding these leaks about the Clash Royale Update. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates about other Supercell titles as well.