Clash Royale – the fast paced, card based PvP brawler where players collect Clash troops and use them to wreak havoc on opponent’s towers – has become popular with those who don’t want to wait for eternity to train their troops for the battle. The most interesting aspect of the game is the use of cards – newer, better troops that can unleash heavy damage on opponents. After the release of Bandit Card last month, players are waiting for three more cards. It looks like there’s some confirmation on what card will be arriving next in the game.

clash royale balance changes
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Latest leak hints at upcoming cards in Clash Royale

The Night Witch, Bats and Heal cards are to arrive soon after Bandit. Bandit Draft Challenge made available one of the cards last month and very soon another new challenge will allow players to get the next card – the Night Witch. The new card will be available through another challenge called the Insane Draft Challenge.

According to reports, players will stand a chance to unlock the new card through Insane Draft Challenge, which will allow double elixir and the option to choose any deck. The number of wins needed before you can unlock the Dark Witch (Night Witch to be known as Dark Witch in Arena 8) is however not clear at this point. The Dark Witch, unlike the normal witch, spawns bats, instead of skeletons. Using this card the right way at the right time can turn the tables around for players.

The leak also hints at rewards for each win – Giant safe, 20 dark prince cards, 100 gems, 5000 gold and finally the Night Witch. However, the leaked information is the information that has been obtained by data mining from the files. Supercell hasn’t announced anything about the release date for Insane Draft Challenge. It could be that Supercell is just experimenting with stuff, before the challenge is made public.


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