Clash Royale will soon allow to you conduct tournaments from within the game, according to a new image teased by developer Supercell, which you can find below. The image simply adds a new tab to the game’s main menu, titled “Tournaments” and featuring a sword over a wreath. No other information has been shared by Supercell as of yet, but we’ll no doubt be hearing more about this update in a new blog post at some point in the near future.

Clash Royale Tournaments Teaser

Despite being only a few months old, Clash Royale is no stranger to tournaments at all. Supercell conducted a tournament in April this year, an event that ended up mostly dominated by Finnish players (the event was held in Finland, home of Supercell). Apart from this, Supercell has also encouraged players to hold tournaments of their own via a blog post.

While it is unknown when this teased new tournament-friendly update will drop, the timing of the tease suggests this might happen in early July. Or perhaps we’ll have a surprise update before this month ends? You never know. In-game tournaments will definitely be a boost to the game, however, particularly when it comes to player retention. It will also drive the game forward as an eSport, which should make these tournaments interesting to spectate.

What do you think of an in-game tournaments option in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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