If you’re having a hard time Clash Royale as a beginner, don’t worry about it: everyone’s been there at some point. Moving ahead requires no small bit of determination, but it also requires quite a bit of strategy. Here’s a bunch of tips that might help you get ahead.

Clash Royale

Mix up your deck. You can have 8 cards in your deck, so make sure there’s a balance between building cards, troop cards and spell cards. There’s no perfect deck, so make sure you experiment aplenty to find the deck that works for you.

Don’t attack first. Leave that to your opponent, while you fill up your elixir. You should try and counter-attack as much as possible, rather than being on the attack yourself. Save up your elixir until you can use cards in combination, and play defensively.

Use the kill zone. The kill zone is the middle-area of the map on your side. Take your opponents out in your kill zone, rather than countering them at the bridge. If you bring them into your kill zone, you’ll get an advantage from arrows and cannon balls from the towers.

Know when and where to deploy troops. Specifically, you should launch them behind your towers, so that by the time they reach the enemy, you have the elixir to unleash more troops. Don’t spawn your troops next to your enemies, or you’ll lose.

Spend gold wisely. Don’t upgrade everything you see – spend this rare resource carefully, and you’ll see a natural improvement in your performance.

What other advice do you have for beginners of Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below.


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