Clash Royale was released worldwide not too long ago, and we’ve assembled a collection of tips and tricks for you to get better at the game. Of course, you’ll need to put in the practice, but with the advice here, you’ll be an expert at taking down towers in no time.

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The most important thing to remember in Clash Royale is that the winner always makes the most efficient use of their elixir. Both sides get the same amount of it, so once that elixir is spent, the winner is almost always the one who has more units on the field. This means that countering enemy plays is the absolutely vital.

An example here would be countering the Prince with a Tombstone. The Prince costs 5 elixir to use, and will destroy a tombstone, which costs 3 elixir. But the tombstone, once destroyed, releases four skeletons, who will certainly defeat the Prince. This is a net gain of 2 elixir to the player who used the Tombstone. Much like this, the key to winning in Clash Royale is figuring out the best counters for each card.

One of the most important stats your troops have is ‘Speed’, which allows those troops to move and deploy faster than others. Placing a slow unit at the back of the field gives your enemy plenty of time to prepare a counter, but it also gives you time to gather elixir. Deciding where and when to place your troops becomes just as important as knowing whom to summon.

Wait until your elixir meter is full before making your play. Of course, if your enemy plays first, counter his troop with the best option you have available. Just make sure you don’t waste any elixir once the meter is full.

Another good idea is to hold a powerful card in reserve until the late game. Splash damage spells work the same way: make your opponent think it’s fine to cluster their units together, and then bam, use your area-of-effect spells to hit them where it hurts the most.

What other tips and tricks do you have for Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below.


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