When you start playing Clash Royale, you’re granted a bunch of gems for absolutely free (yay!), but you have to be careful with what few gems you have, or else you might just run out of them. While you can buy new gems, the key is really to make sure that you spend your gems in a way that they’re worth your while. This may not always be easy, so here’s a quick guide on what you can do with them instead.

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So what do you do with your Clash Royale gems? Buy gold. The known prices work like this: you can get 1,000 gold for 60 gems, 10,000 gold for 500 gems or 100,000 gold for 4,500 gems. The best deal here is, naturally, the most expensive one. If you buy 100,000 gold for 4,500 gems, you get a total of 22.2 gold per gem, where as if you choose to trade 1,000 gold for 60 gems, you get only 16.6 gold per gem.

Once you’ve got your gold successfully traded, you can head over to the Clash Royale Shop and trade that gold for common or rare cards, which can be used to upgrade a card. Alternately, you can also buy an epic card for 2,000 gold. Another option available to you is buying chests, but that can really lead to anything, so it’s not recommended. Instead, buy the specific cards you need, and avoid duplicates.

So to summarise, use your gems to buy gold, and use your gold to buy the cards you need to upgrade and strengthen your deck directly. Got a better idea on what to do with your gems in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below.


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