Clash Royale has been out for two and a half weeks now, which means that chances are high you’re still a beginner at the game. And if you’re a beginner, chances are high you’re getting your butt beaten at the game. Here’s a bunch of tips and tricks to help even out the odds.

Clash Royale

You should join a clan, which will grant you free cards and upgrades in droves. Apart from the free cards that you can get at anytime, you can also spectate matches: an important way to observe and get good.

Check your chests: you’ll get a whole bunch of cards, coins, gems and even rare loot by doing this. Play everyday, and you’ll be sitting on a heap of stuff. Especially keep an eye out for Silver and Crown chests, which are more likely to contain rare cards and precious gold.

Know where to place your units, because they will react differently depending on where they spawn. Time them right, and take advantage of busy lanes to shuffle up the other lane instead. And lastly, remember to…

Defend, defend, defend. It’s tempting to just go charging at your enemy, but you also need to stop your enemy from doing the exact same. Split your army so that your enemy does not overwhelm you. Use fast or army-based units for defensive action, as are catapults and arrows.

What other tips do you have for beginners at the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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