Dart Goblin is available on January 13 for Clash Royale. One new card will be released every two weeks. Supercell decided to show all the four new cards at once which is quite generous of them.

clash royale update
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Clash Royale new cards

Dart goblin: Basically a single target princess with a very fast move speed and attack speed. Executioner is like a bowler gimmick, fires off an ax for the damage of a zap, has rebound damage as well. Hits ground and air. Only disadvantage is mediocre health. Battleram is barbarians running to the tower under a log, it does 250 damage at hit and spawns two barbarians. Goblin gang is 3 spear goblins, 3 normal goblins, 3 cost.

Notice how three of these cards can hit air. Mega Minion will be a lot more vulnerable after these cards are out. Dart goblin and executioner have the most potential here. Would battle ram be a win condition? If so, seems kind of weak.

A lightning resistant air splash. We see the Executioner straight up replacing the wizard. He only has about 2/3 the DPS, but actually does more damage per attack, and has twice the health for the same cost. The wizard is going to need an overhaul because there is no justification for taking the extra risk for 50ish DPS.

The Wizard is a rare while Executioner is an epic. So you can over level wizard easily while you can’t over level Executioner unless you’re lucky. We are loving the different variety of cards that aren’t necessarily legendary and are accessible to everyone, and they’re quite unique as well.


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