Supercell recently released a new update for their mobile strategy video game, Clash Royale which added some new content to the game. Among the new content was a new mode called the Challenge Mode.

The Challenge Mode is without any doubt, the biggest addition to Clash Royale until now. The new mode allows players to gain few Gold and Cards at the expense of Gems, which is kind of an amazing thing especially for those who lack these resources. However, with big features come big issues and same is for the case of the challenge mode.

Clash Royale

Recently, a number of, well majority of players have been facing a lot of issues with the matchmaking in the challenge mode. Basically, in the challenge mode, players should be matched against equal level players so they have an equal chance of winning against each other. However, players are currently getting matched against players who are on a way higher level than them.

Clash Royale Challenge Mode Issues 

Reports are coming in that Arena 8 players are currently getting matched against Arena 8 players, but with those who have higher level cards. In fact, some of them even have Legendary Cards such as Sparky and the Princess. So basically, it’s nearly impossible to beat such players because their cards are just way too powerful.

The main problem here is that participating in the challenge mode isn’t free. You need to spend 10 Gems on Classic challenges, while Grand challenges require around 100 Gems. And Gems are not something which players can get easily, especially those who just started playing the game.

Clash Royale

So in short, many players spend hundreds of gems on challenges, but they can’t even win a single match because they are pitted against players who are way to powerful for them. Only high level players are getting the most out of the challenge mode as they have the upper hand in almost every match.

For now, it would be wise to stay out of the challenge mode if you’re still on a lower level. You will be just wasting your gems as you won’t be playing against someone who is of your calibre. Supercell will have to be quick in this matter and will have to address this issue as soon as possible because they will start losing players if they don’t.

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Let us know if you’re facing any issues with the matchmaking in the Challenge Mode or not in the comments below.