Clash Royale has never ceased to amaze its fans – from an interesting mix of troops to exciting line of defences – the game has garnered its own fan base, a fanbase that’s already more than the other epic strategy offering from the stable of Supercell – Clash of Clans. One of the biggest reasons why Clash Royale has been a massive success is the fact that you don’t have to spend time training army and brewing spells. In 30mins, you get to train one entire army in Clash of Clans while in Clash Royale, you get to finish 10 awesome fun-filled attacks in the same 30mins!

Clash Royale

Clash Royale keeps interest levels high in the game by unveiling new troops often. The recently revealed upcoming minion Ice Golem – a troop that absorbs reasonable amounts of damage – has taken many gamers by surprise. The Ice Golem works by aiming at the buildings and when vanquished, it explodes, causing the nearby enemy troops to slow down. You can relate this to the recent bomb tower defense released for Clash of Clans which also goes into damage mode with an explosion as soon as it’s destroyed.

And the best part of Ice Golem? It just takes paltry 2 elixir to train! It looks like Ice Golem is the one troop that gamers have been waiting for. But the new troop has evoked mixed reactions from Clash Royale fans. Some gamers feel that the new troop is actually beneficial for the skilled or the experienced players. But when it comes to beginners, they will find it quite hard to adapt to the highly-skilled strategy the new troop requires. What’s tricky about the Ice Golem is that it has very low health. By itself, the Ice Golem isn’t all that dangerous and can easily be taken out. So the strategy is to use this troop to absorb damage while other units are on a damaging-spree. You should also take into account the damage it does by slowing down the enemy troops when it dies. This strategy – and the exact timing of deployment – is a skill that the beginners will find quite hard to master.

It remains to be seen how top players change their attacking strategy to best make use of the new troop. While the October update has brought in some major strategy changes in Clash of Clans, the newly revealed Ice Golem may do the same for Clash Royale.

What are your thoughts on the new troop? How do you think Ice Golem will affect attack and defense strategies? Let us know your thoughts! Meanwhile, take a look at this video to know what this troop is all about –



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