Clash Royale new cards have just been leaked. The Inferno Dragon has been confirmed. Reddit exploded with the leaks just recently. Consequently, for those unaware with the context, Supercell is announcing a new card every two weeks. At the moment, they’ve already announced the Mega Minion and have yet to announce the other three. However, it seems we now know the next card is going to be Inferno Dragon. We also think Ice Golem and Graveyard Spell will be the next two cards.

clash royale new cards
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Clash Royale New Cards Leaked – Inferno Dragon, Graveyard Spell, and Ice Golem

One of the loading screens for the game shows a tip that says “The Graveyard spell unearths a gang of skeletons anywhere in the Arena. Spooky!” However, there is no card called the Graveyard Spell right now in the game. So, that obviously means we will be seeing this card next.

Images on Reddit show an icy looking monster next to the Mega Minion card. Then there’s another image that shows a dragon and another image shows a skeleton. Furthermore, these are obvious indicators of the new cards Clash Royale plans to include in the double weekly updates.

As of right now, the Inferno Dragon card has been confirmed. It is of Legendary rarity and is type Troop. “Wears a helmet because flying can be dangerous” can be seen on the card along with the stats. 950 Hitpoints, 75 to 875 damage per second and 30 to 350 damage. This is definitely a dangerous card at play. The card will unlock in exactly 10 days. As of right now, the two remaining cards have question marks on them. But there are some valid pointers that indicate these two to be Ice Golem and graveyard Spell. You can check Reddit for more info on this.

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