The newest sneak peek for the upcoming update for Clash Royale shows us that the game will be getting more rewards following the update. This applies to everything from gold to chests, and even legendary cards.


Gold will now be rewarded for every single win, even when your chest slots are full. Expect to get mighty rich really soon. Crown Chests will now contain twice as much, while Super Magical Chests will see their chance to drop doubled. Giant and Magical Chests will now also have an increased chance of dropping. As you reach higher arenas, donations and requests will increase. Finally, Legendary cards will now appear in the Card Shop, if you have made it to the Legendary arena.

The previous sneak peek for the coming update mentioned the ability to watch ongoing Clash Royale match-ups live in the Live Spectating mode. While Supercell had talked about this previously on their blog, we did learn that the update will involve confetti-throwing during matches. There will also be TV Royale Channels, which will allow players to watch the best battles from any Arena.

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