Clash Royale has been, as predicted, a runaway hit on mobile, and we’ve already seen a number of updates for the game. Supercell is far from slowing down, however, and is already at work on a major update that will be dropping early next month. Here’s what we know about the update so far.

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Live Spectating will be one of the biggest features hitting in the soon-to-come update, which will allow users to spectate clan members’ battles in real-time. Until now, players could only watch replays of already-played matches. This, naturally, will make tournaments more exciting. While it seems it was inevitable for Live Spectating to be added to the game, it’s heartening to see it added so soon after the game’s release.

Crown Chests Rewards will double following the May update, which is definitely something to be excited about for most Clash Royale fans. This is possibly the biggest change to the game since it was released, and should significantly affect the game’s economy. Now, grinding upgrades will be less of a bother.

Donations will Triple, allowing players to request 30 common cards and 3 rares, instead of the present 10 common cards and 3 rares. Instead of being able to donate 2 cards, users will now be able to donate 6 cards. Rare donation will stay at 1, however.

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Which of these changes are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.