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Supercell has confirmed that Clash Royale will soon be getting a new update in early May, and this one will focus on “consistency at the top”, as the blog post says. Specifically, the update focuses on making gameplay feel consistent with Tournament Rules gameplay. This will be done by adjusting a number of level caps, but that’s not all: there’s more complementary changes incoming.

Clash Royale

The Legendary level cap is reduced to 5 from 6, Rare level cap upped to 11 from 10, Common level cap upped to 13 from 12, King level cap upped to 13 from 12, while the Epic level cap remains the same at 8. These changes are intended to usher in a consistent experience regardless of whether you’re playing at the top or under Tournament Rules, which Supercell considers the “basis for competitive Clash Royale play”.

The number of Epic Cards required to upgrade to level 8 from level 7  has been reduced from 300 cards to 200 cards. Anyone with cards above the new cap will receive Gem refunds for every card over the cap. Legendary cards will now occasionally appear in the Shop, as well. This change has been implemented because Legendary cards were found to be quite hard to obtain and upgrade.

Have a look at the official blog post for the full deal, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


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