Supercell is rolling a major update this month and it could bring huge changes to the Clash Royale Legendary Arena. We want Supercell to address some issues with Legendary Arena at the moment. Many players are exasperated with it and want changes to the legendary arena to make it less cumbersome to play.

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Clash Royale Legendary Arena to have Epic Cards as a guaranteed drop?

Reddit user Handsome_Claptrap has suggested that epic cards must always be dropped from a Crown Chest if you are in A9.

“It would solve two problems:

Epics are too hard to level. Most people just ignore epics not because they are weak, but because working for upgrading them is slow and not cheap, with the risk of that card revealing useless.

Legendary Arena hasn’t a huge appeal. Sure, you can find leggies in the shop and request more cards, but that’s it.

This would net you just one random epic daily…supposing you already have epics to level 3 and considering that there are 18 epics in the game, to bring every of them to level 4 just by these drops you would need a whopping 180 days of getting Crown Chests everyday, which jumps to a whole year to get all epics to level 5…and then things just gets worse.

So i think this would be balanced.”

Fan reaction to the suggestion

Some agree with him while others think it could divide the game. A lot of newbies also want to get into the game so if Supercell only targets those who make it to Legendary Arena in their next update, this could disappoint newcomers from getting involved into the game. A lot of people are reported to be uninstalling the game after playing it for a while because it is really difficult to get into.

Supercell has a big task ahead of them. They have to address similar game difficulty issues in Clash of Clans. Then there is the increasing competition from Pokemon GO which shows no signs of stopping. It’ll be a busy month Clash Royale Legendary Arena if the developer does include these changes in the game.

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