If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like the majority of people on planet Earth, chances are it’s summer for you. Finnish developers Supercell know how terrible it is to get sunburnt, and are introducing a very frosty theme with the upcoming July update for Clash Royale. Among the changes we have a new arena, which is suitably chilly, and 4 new chards, of which 2 have been revealed.

Clash Royale Sneak Peek July 2016, #1

The first sneak peek shows us a new arena, which looks really adorable actually. It’s mostly made of ice, and features a nice little fire at one end to warm up by. There’s also blocks of ice floating in the water next to the arena, but no, that does not constitute a secret third lane for your troops to hop over. If you take a look upwards, you’ll notice that the blocks are actually coming down from a mountain with a spiral path of snow. And yes, I keep seeing them as sugarcubes too.


The second sneak peek, which has just been released half an hour ago, shows us 2 new cards, although there will actually be 4 new additions in the update. The first card is the Ice Spirit (common), and the second is Bowler (epic). The Ice Spirit looks like something I could absolutely see coming out of a sequel to Frozen. Clash Royale x Frozen collaboration anyone? Let it go.

Let us know what you think about the sneak peeks in the comments below.


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