Clash Royale Ice Golem is a low cost cycle card that functions as a meat shield. It’s health is comparable to a Mini Pekka or Miner. The cost of this card is 2 Elixir. It has a move speed of a Giant. So, that means it is slower than a Knight. Due to its low speed and damage, it is safe to ignore the Ice Golem. However, in this Clash Royale Ice Golem Guide we will teach you how to use and counter it at the same time.

clash royale ice golem guide
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Clash Royale Ice Golem Guide

It only targets buildings like a Hog. You should never deploy it alone. Since it only damages buildings and deals 5 times less DPS than a Knight, it is therefore not a substitute for the Knight. Upon dying, the Ice Golem casts a Frost Nova that impacts units within a three tile radius. The Nova will slow down affected units by 35% for 3 seconds.

Frost Nova damage is weak and will not defeat Skeletons. Furthermore, the Ice Golem is very slow and has the lowest DPS in the game. It’s primary function is as a meat shield. But if you can get it to the Tower, it can serve as a really good Tank. Pairing it with the Goblins is a low risk and high reward combo. Ice Golem will protect the Goblins and will freeze the Tower upon dying.

An Inferno Tower can take out the Frost Nova before it can get in range. It shines in Defense. Since it’s cheap, you can sacrifice it for Goblins and Minions. A Mini Pekka can kill it in two swings. The Ice Golem can distract mortars and soak up its shots for a very long time. Furthermore, you can use it to pull the enemy’s attacking units into the other lane.

It’s very effective against Musketeers. You can distract them and then slow them down when the Ice Golem is destroyed.

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