Supercell’s freemium mobile game Clash Royale just had its fan kit revealed. Clash Royale fan is a collection of all the in-game art. People can use this art on their website and blogs for Clash Royale related content. Supercell has also discussed their fan content policy. They have warned of impostors who try to sell off content as if it was from Supercell when it isn’t.

clash royale fan kit
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Clash Royale Fan Kit users have to strictly follow the Fan Content policy

“However, at times people go too far and try to convince the community that their products, services, sites or videos are connected with, endorsed or produced by Supercell. There are people out there who do this deliberately in order to take advantage of the Community and the efforts of the Supercell game teams. This can lead to players believing in information, buying stuff or even providing personal information on the basis of that content being official. This makes us very unhappy.”

Supercell has warned that users can only use content for displaying, identifying or discussing Clash Royale. They cannot use the content in commercial products as it will be a breach of the Fan Content policy. These commercial products also include those being out for free.

“You are not permitted to charge a fee of any kind (including in-app functionalities) from customers or visitors to your Fan Content, unless this has expressly been approved by Supercell. You may, however, generally monetize your Fan Content by using advertisements. If you use ads, they must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and developer policies.”

Clash Royale developer Supercell has also urged its followers to respect the brand. They want the content to be kept online, have disclaimers and not used the for malicious purposes. You can download the complete package from the official Supercell forums.

Have you been playing Clash Royale? Do you enjoy the strategy game? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated with more Clash Royale news, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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