Supercell added a new update recently regarding emotes. Clash Royale emotes can now be muted by the other player. Supercell previously stated that they didn’t want to add the option to mute players but there was a lot of fan outcry. So, now they have updated their game to allow players to mute emotes from the opponent. We admit these emotes can be annoying and distracting sometimes so it is a welcome change.

clash royale emotes

Clash Royale emotes can now be muted

“A couple of months ago, we told you that we had no plans to add an option to mute emotes. Well, we were wrong. We think we’ve probably evoked enough emotions from you guys, and it’s time to revise our approach.

Coming with the next update, players will have the ability to mute their opponent during each battle. Since we still think it’s important that Clash Royale doesn’t feel like a single player game, you will see your opponent trying to communicate, but without any of the specifics.

Strong emotions are built into the core of Clash Royale, and are important for knowing the difference between good cards and great cards, but we’ve come to realize that this doesn’t need to be tied to all aspects of the game – emotes being a case in point.”

A lot of fans didn’t take this news well and criticized Clash Royale for giving in to newbie/ noob players who don’t like the other player sticking it to the that they are losing. We personally think there should at least be an option to mute such emotes because if the other player starts spamming random annoying emtes, it can distract the other player.

Read the full post here. Let us know what you think of the new Clash Royale update in the comments. We’ll keep you updated with more Clash Royale news.


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