When it comes to Clash Royale, all chests are equal when it comes to helping you build your deck. But some chests are more equal than others, and those are the gold and magic chests. It’s commonly thought that these rarer chests drop randomly, but it turns out there’s a method to the madness: an algorithm to the insanity.

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Hidden deep inside Clash Royale’s code is a listing of chest order, which reveals what chest will drop when. You can find it out over here, in this Pastebin and in this Google Spreadsheet. According to sources, the listing accurately predicts the chests that will drop in your game.

The way it works is, every player starts at a random location on the chest order cycle. If you start at chest 9, for example, the third chest you open will be a magical chest. The chest order is listed by the number of chests dropped. When you automatically get a silver chest in Arena One, that is counted as “Chest 0”. All the other chests that you win in battles afterwards are numbered.

Finally, winning after having full chest slots does not affect the chest order. This is because the system is based on chests dropped, not on your battlefield wins.

Did the chest order work for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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