When it comes to Clash Royale decks, victory depends equally on your build and the way you use it. Even the most powerful builds can easily be countered by experienced opponents which means that you’ll have to become familiar with your troops before deploying them in the heat of battle.

Arena 3 is like the middle ground of Clash Royale, separating those who wish to move forward and those who will fall behind for one reason or the other. This Arena allows for a wide range of different builds, depending on what you want to do. Instead of going through every possible combination, I’ll show you a sample build that you can modify to suit your own playstyle and hopefully push your way to success.

Clash Royale

The Basic Build

I’ll start off by saying that the key to every build is knowing where, when, and why you use each of your cards. For instance, if you like the Prince, you might want to know that there are plenty of Elixir-effective ways of dealing with him such as the Tombstone. Even so, if you manage to bait your opponent into using Prince’s counters, you can easily take a tower at the right moment.

Without further ado, here’s my proposed build template:

  • Giant: Though Giant is effectively countered by any swarm of enemies, it’s still a cost-effective way of pushing through and forcing your opponent to use their elixir. His weakness can also be covered by other cards which we will see below.
  • Valkyrie: Though many will say that Valkyrie is weak, it’s one of the best ways to counter an all-out attack or help Giant push. Since most people will try and use something like Skeleton Army to counter your Giant, Valkyrie will render their defense completely useless. And on the defensive front, Valkyrie is a very versatile card that can stop almost anything.
  • Baby Dragon: When you combine this card with a Giant, your push will be almost unstoppable. Provided that your enemy doesn’t have a wide selection of ranged cards, Baby Dragon can obliterate almost any swarm of enemies. Valkyrie and Baby Dragon combined can take out pretty much any combination of enemies and continue pushing till everything is destroyed.
  • Arrows vs Fireball: From my experience, both cards have their advantages and disadvantages. However, I’ve come to prefer Arrows simply because they cost less Elixir and thus can be used to counter various enemies without issue.
  • Musketeer/Witch: While most people wouldn’t actually substitute one for the other, I still believe that these two cards can be used almost interchangeably. Witch’s ranged attacks and swarm of minions are helpful both in offense and defense while a leveled up Musketeer can take on almost any flying or ranged enemy and come out on top.
  • Spear Goblins: One of the most versatile cards for Arena 3, Spear Goblins are incredibly cheap and can be used in almost any scenario. When your enemy prepares an attack with a single powerful opponent, drop these ugly babies and watch as they rip them to shreds.
  • Skeleton Army: Though Skeleton Army is an incredibly powerful card, it needs to be used under specific circumstances only. If your opponent has any card with splash damage capabilities on the table, your army will be obliterated without a second thought. Of course, combining the Skeleton Army with a powerful card like Witch might catch your opponent by surprise with little time to react.
  • Tombstone: Possibly one of the best defensive options in early levels, Tombstone can defend your towers against almost anything. Prince charging toward your tower? Drop a Tombstone and watch as the blue-bloodied aristocrat dies in grace.

And there you have it. If you cannot find some of these cards, try and replace them with similar counterparts. For example, the Barbarians are another effective defense unit which can replace the Tombstone, for instance.

If you have another build that you’d like to share with us, feel free to drop a comment down below and discuss strategy with your fellow MobiPicker readers!


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