If you’ve made it to Arena 3 in Clash Royale, you’ll know that this is where the game really starts heating up. To get through the next few arenas, you’re going to need a really strong deck or two. Check out the ones we have in store below and tell us if you have a better one instead.

Clash Royale

Deck #1

The cards you’ll need are: Spear Goblin (Level 6), Witch  (Level 1), Mini P.E.K.K.A.  (Level 4), Barbarians  (Level 6), Zap  (Level 4), Baby Dragon  (Level 1), Skeleton Giant  (Level 2), Bomber (Level 7).

This defence-minded deck has an average elixir rating of 3.9 and is based mainly on countering your enemy’s attacks. If your enemy drops a Prince, you can counter with the Barbarians and pair it up with a witch. You get Splash Damage from the Witch, a tank in Giant Skeleton and a flexible troop in Baby Dragon.

Deck #2

The cards you’ll need are: Giant Skeleton (Level 2), Skeleton Army (Level 2), X-bow (Level 1), Inferno Tower (Level 4), Goblin Barrel (Level 2), Witch (Level 2), Baby Dragon (Level 1), Prince (Level 1).

Wait for your opponent to use a high elixir card and then counter it with a Witch or Skeleton Army. If you’re opponent does not have Arrow Storm, you can flood the Witch or Skeleton Army every chance you get over and over. If your opponent does have Arrow Storm though, rush his base and plant an X-bow right when its range is enough to hit the crown tower.

Deck #3

The cards you’ll need are: Prince (Level 2), Minion Horde (Level 6), Barbarians (Level 6), Bomber (Level 6), Tesla (Level 6), Arrows (Level 6), Minions (Level 7), Hog (Level 4).

This deck is once again all about strong defence. For your offence, you can use the Prince, Hog Rider and Minion Horde. You can also substitute the Minion Horde for the Spear Goblins if you need a cheap range defence.

Deck #4

The cards you’ll need are: Barbarians (Level 6), Witch (Level 2), Giant (Level 3), Barbarian Hut (Level 4), Spear Goblin (Level 6), Goblin Hut (Level 4), Rage Spell (Level 1), Tesla (Level 5).

For this deck, you’ll have to set up at least 2 defences (pick either Tesla, Barbarian Hut or Goblin Hut). If you pick a Tesla, put that in the centre of your towers so you attract enemies to it and they get rained on by all three towers. Build up your elixir, and drop a giant, then a Witch and then Spear Goblins: this will be your attack combo with the deck. You might have to sacrifice a tower from your own end, but if you keep it steady, you stand to destroy a side tower and even the main tower fairly quickly.

What’s your favourite deck for clearing Arena 3, 4 and 5 with? Let us know in the comments below.


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