Clash Royale got a new update yesterday, and it’s no April Fool’s joke, this is the real deal. Supercell has been watching how you play and has decided some balance changes are in the order, so they’ve gone ahead and tweaked up the game some. Here’s what you need to be aware of if you’re playing Clash Royale today.

Clash Royale

Tombstone has now become the Giant Tombstone. The name change is not just to appease the egos of tombstones worldwide, but because the Giant Tombstone now spawns Giant Skeletons. This should make you take the card a bit more seriously.

Mortars now shoot Goblin Barrels. According to Supercell’s blog post, Goblin Barrels had a very low use rate in the game. Supercell was planning on buffing them at first, but then got the wacky plan to strait up load Mortars with Goblin Barrels, fulfilling Supercell’s lust for madness and mayhem.

Finally, the X-Bow now targets absolutely everything, including your own troops, towers and king. I would not advise setting it up for home security. As Supercell verbosely describes in their blog, “X-Bow too stronk.”

These changes were the most pressing, developer Supercell says, and so they had to be pushed out immediately. What this means is that there are even more balance changes incoming, so you’d better stay ready to adapt your decks on a moment’s notice. Have a look at BeakersLab showing you what happens with these balance changes:


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