It’s finally on! Supercell’s latest game, Clash Royale has finally been released globally! The game was originally only soft launched in Canada, and saw regular updates and testing. Now, the game is available all over the world.

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Clash Royale comes from the developers behind Clash of Clans, and it shares much of its visual identity with the more famous title. If you’re familiar with Clash Royale, it is a real-time strategy game based on cards. Your goal is take down the enemy towers using cards from your deck, and in the process win more cards and get better at the game!

We’ve covered Clash Royale extensively in the past, including examining its free-to-play system, as well as covering the latest update for it. While the official Clash Royale blog does not mention what version of the game has been released globally, we know that it is version 1.2.1. The last update we reported on was 1.2.0, so there are some changes here that we’re in the dark about.

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If you’re interested in downloading the game for free and trying it out yourself, click this link! It has the latest version of the game, and you’ll be out battling your card-wielding opponents in no time.