Clash Royale has been barely out for a half a month, and it already has its first update on its way. According to developer Supercell, there will be more updates coming every month as the gameplay is tweaked around for maximum fun.

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According to Supercell, a core design principle for the game has been “offense over defense” (despite which, you’ll find plenty of strategy guides recommend defence over offence). In the changes that will be committed in the coming update, Supercell has focused mainly on addressing “a few frustrating defensive combinations” and underused cards.

Many of the cards that have been buffed had very low use rates, such as the Witch, Balloon, Three Musketeers, Poison, Valkyrie and the Royal Giant. On the other hand, cards that have been gimped are ones that provided an overly strong defence, like the Cannon. The Prince is apparently revealed to be the most-used card in the game, who knew, and he sees a nerf as well. This applies to the Dark Prince as well.

Check out the official post for more information on why Supercell made the changes they did. It’s pretty interesting stuff, as it shines the light on how players are playing Clash Royale right now.

Here are the changes coming this month:

-X-Bow: Range decreased from 12 (from 13)
-Tesla: Hit speed decreased to 0.8 sec (from 0.7 sec), lifetime decreased to 40 sec (from 60 sec)
-Cannon: Lifetime decreased to 30 sec (from 40 sec)
-Princess: Hitpoints decreased by 10%
-Ice Wizard: Damage increased by 5%
-Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%
-Dark Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%
-Valkyrie: Hitpoints and damage increased by 10%
-Royal Giant: Damage increased by 20%
-Giant: Damage increased by 5%
-Rage: Gives 40% movement and attack speed boost (from 35%), duration decreased by 20%
-Poison: Damage increased by 5%
-Mirror: Legendary Cards mirrored 1 level lower
-Three Musketeers: Cost decreased to 9 (from 10)
-Archers: Quicker initial attack (like Spear Goblins)
-Balloon: Hitpoints increased by 5%
-Witch: Damage increased by 5%

Also, check out the video below by GAMINGwithMOLT, analysing the changes.


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